05 February, 2017

Lunar Tales Update - 2/5/2017

Hello everyone,

I realized I haven't actually updated on here in almost a month, my apologies! But I have been up to a lot of things lately, so here's an update on what I've been doing:

I created myself an Instagram Profile for my art and actually uploaded a new picture to it a little while ago, you can find it here! I'm also working on another little Fan drawing on the side for one of the Android Games that I play, it's pretty cute and going along smoothly.

On the other hand, I've been working on the Trains in Motion Minecraft mod. I've finished the model for the train and have been working on the Graphics for it. It's been going along smoothly and I'm enjoying it a lot, it's a new experience for me but it's exciting to see results coming from it.
Here's a bit of a preview:

Hoping to have the rest of it finished by the end of the week (hopefully) and the picture I mentioned before up on my Instagram around the same time as well, if not a few days after! I'm super excited for all of this to unfold.

20 December, 2016

Lunar Tales Update - 12/20/2016

Hello everyone!

   Another update from yours truly:
   I've recently been looking under the hood of Blogger's code to try and figure out a backbone for themes. I've completed roughly 50-60% of that and have plans to re-create my blogger website with my first theme that I created for my own personal use, I'm looking forward to finally creating themes for Blogger!! ♥
   Also, relating to the earlier news about the BDcraft Cubik PRO modeler I use: I'm unable to use the new updated Cubik Studio because the size of the Trains for the Trains in Motion Minecraft Mod, do not fit within the 3x3 Grid used in the program, so for now, I'll be sticking to BDcraft instead.
   On another note, a community was created on Google+ for the Trains in Motion Minecraft Mod, just follow the hyperlink and join if you're interested in reading all of the future updates! +Jonathan C and I, along with a few others, will keep the group updated for all the content that arrives.

   That's all for me for now, I'll post any more information as it comes!

Do not Re-post or Use any of the Artistic Materials created/posted here without my permission.

The *True* One Year Anniversary for "Lunar Tales"

Hello everyone!

   It has been about 1 year ago that I created the name "Lunar Tales" for myself. Around August of 2015, I decided to pick myself up and start creating art once again. I wanted to make a little bit of money on the side and start a life for myself, so I started an account on Fiverr to sell Tumblr Blog themes.

   This is the first sighting of my "Lunar Tales" idea and I'm proud to call it my own! From that day forward, I only increased the type of things I wanted to do under this alias, even starting to hand draw like I used to when I was younger.
   Fast forward to today, I'm starting to create graphics for a Minecraft Mod, and have gone through a lot to get to where I am today. I took a giant leap from my hometown in Connecticut, to come down here to Texas. I've got a new life and, hopefully, a new creative streak that I'm gonna roll with. I've also picked up an old story that I wrote when I was in high school, and will hopefully be able to make that into something more.
   I'd like to thank everyone for helping me get this far, and the people closest to me.

   More updates will be coming in the future!

Do not Re-post or Use any of the Artistic Materials created/posted here without my permission.

13 December, 2016

TiM - Train Update #1

Hello Everyone!

A quick update from me;
   Yesterday, I started working on the first Train for +Jonathan C 's Trains In Motion Minecraft Mod! I've finished about 90% of it, but what keeps me back is the software that I use, BDcraft (Also known as Cubik Studio). It had a huge update recently, and I can't update because of technical difficulties. Hopefully that gets situated soon so I can fix the little things on the model and start working on the textures :)
That's about all from me, I'll keep y'all updated as it goes!

Do not Re-post or Use any of the Artistic Materials created/posted here without my permission.

10 December, 2016

Small Permalink-Graphics Fix!

   I've done a small Update on one of the Graphics that I've made, which I think make a very big difference compared to the original. Its primary use is a permalink to my blog here, but it matches my updated color scheme much better:

   The old permalink button that I used (on the left) compared to the new re-vamp (on the right).

I also plan on starting to make Blogger Themes, but first I need to do a little studying.

Do not Re-post or Use any of the Artistic Materials created/posted here without my permission.

15 June, 2016

Lunar Tales Update - 6/15/2016

Hello Everyone,

I'm finally down here in Texas, and after spending about a week or so getting settled in, I'm finally done with all that and relaxing in my new home.
In the meantime, I've been helping @Eternal with some Graphics for their Minecraft Train mod. I've decided to dabble a bit in some of this stuff, I figure, "why not?", but I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully I'll be posting bits and pieces of it on here from time to time as well as linking things from their updates here, maybe adding my own stuff and/or comments about it.